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Thank you for sharing the PVs!

Progress disappointed me actually... It was pretty boring. They could've shot such an amazing fantasy-themed PV with a beautiful atmosphere for such an epic song...

I really liked Why... PV. I love Alice in Wonderland theme. It got to Ayu now lol And I'm not going to lie, I like JUNO ^^' He is so similar to his brother Junsu! And I really love TVXQ (I mean five of them), so...

beloved PV made me cry at the end. And I liked how it changed from black and white to colour. I was like "Is it meant to be black and white or is it a problem with a video?" though But I was expecting it to change to colour.

ANother song was just a normal R'n'B PV. Not that I mind it, but I've had enough of it in kpop Ayu is beautiful though.

BRILLANTE is interesting. I loved it. And you can call me crazy, but for me it seems like those guys symbolize her fans... Who supported her since the beginning, but let her down in the end(like with the reaction to the a-nation and everything)...
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