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I rarely comment on here (just a lurker..) but having watched A^3 I must say that I was touched beyond words.

I have been following Ayu for the past 12 years, and I must say that for the past 5 - 6 years she has become incredibly distant. For the past 3 years, to me, it felt like many of the shows she did just did not scream the "Ayumi Hamasaki" that I knew.

However, having watched A^3, I felt a renewed sense of love and support for her. Having watched the entire show, I know finally understand what she means by the stage is where she belongs. She felt incredibly close this time round, and I could feel her emotions and her having fun. Despite her struggling towards the end of the show, despite me wanting her to take care of herself better, I could finally understand why she continues to sing and perform.

I haven't been listening to her as often these days but something about A^3 makes me want to relisten to all her songs again

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