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Originally Posted by Yoake View Post
Oh that's an interesting interpretation.

Regarding how we already got a new thread so fast (it didn’t happen since years) and how many old members appeared suddenly to share their views, I doubt the marketing is wholly bad. One of the purpose of marketing is that people talk about the product. Even bad comments are better than none comments and indifference. That’s why most of the brands are using the bad buzz in the past years. And their sales didn’t tumble because of that bad image because people talked about them and there are always people who don’t care of that image.
What's odd and sad in this world is people talk mainly about the negative things and not about the positive things. It's like an outlet in their life. For instance, in reading comments on newspapers, I noticed that the most commented articles are always the ones people can complain and articles that present something good and positive don't have a lot or none comments. So maybe using this behavior is the best way to promote something nowadays? It’s sad but we live in a mad world.
You bring up good points.

I also understand your frustration with people always concentrating on the bad, but the way I see it is that maybe those people are those who constantly seek out ways to make improvements. I think having a thirst for making things better can manifest and present itself through things such as complaints, and then said person's attitude is misinterpreted as "negative." In actuality, they are just married to the idea of a positive that does not even exist yet.

Originally Posted by tokyoxjapanxfan View Post
She’s been promoting a new album in her social media for awhile now, so most people were expecting an album. A true album. Like what most artists all around the world mean when they say they’re releasing an album.

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