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Originally Posted by Chibi-Chan View Post
I wonder why some people here seem to know what her Japanese fanbase thinks and are like "yeah but it's not aimed at international fans", even though they say about themselves that their Japanese is very limited, somehow know exactly what everyone in Japan likes.
I sure only have access to a limited group of her fanbase, and can't speak about her fanbase in general, but the handfull of Japanese people I know, who are fans or like her, actually don't like this whole thing. One friend messaged me in excitement over the album announcement just to be really disappointed, when I told her that it's just a mini. She won't buy it btw, since she fears it will be the LOVE again disaster all over again.
Speaking of LOVE again, some of them even thought, until I told them recently, LOVE and again where singles, since they only buy full albums by her and thought from the content that those must be singles. I mean, that's the state some of her fans are in. They like to go to her tours, but don't really care to pay attention what she's releasing anyway, so that buy looking at a tracklist they assumed it must be a single and decided not to buy it. Even though the same people still like to keep up with other older artists. They like Ayu and also her new music, it's not as if those people would only care about her old stuff. But the excitement for a release for them is pretty much gone, so that they mostly just rent her newer albums, rip them and that's it.
This marketing strategy, that is just a cheap rip off of how K-Pop artists are promoted, might work aimed at and not bother a younger audience. My guess is, that since Ayu's fans aren't that young and used to a "normal" release schedule with "normal" releases, they also aren't really liking that release. At least that's the impression I got while talking to people I know, if this is true for the majority of her fanbase, I of course can't say.
Good points. I would think that since her fanbase is older now, with fully developed brains, many fans are able to see a "trap" or "trick" like this and refuse to be roped into it or taken advantage of. When I was younger I could never had imagined the day when I would give up buying her albums. I thought to myself I will always buy the one "gold" version of the album. But one day it's like I woke up and just saw it for what it really was, a bunch of shit added into the mix that I didn't need or even want. I think as you become an adult you begin to look at things in a more practical light as a way of decluttering your life. At least that's what I realized about myself.