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Originally Posted by mi|kshake View Post
Same here! I would love a studio version!
Wow, how long did it take you to marathon everything?

I was thinking today that I actually wouldn't mind a Winter release album. I mean, I don't want to wait that long but I do like getting an Ayu album for Xmas.
It took me a few months. It's actually been a while now since I watched the last concert - but suffice it to say that last winter, most of my Saturday evenings were spent watching a different concert. It really made me look forward to my weekends (not that I ever needed a reason for that).

I had seen all of her concerts before that, in one form or another - thanks in no small part to a few of this site's contributors. But after I finished buying up all her albums, I decided I *had* to also purchase her concerts.

It's a lot of money - especially considering I got those shipped to Canada - but to me Ayu is such a unique artist I don't mind doing it to support her in any way I can. Now that I'm all caught up - I can certainly afford what little new stuff she puts out every year.
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