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Wasn't A song for XX the song that put her on the map? Tbh she has soooo many hits she could pretty much just throw darts to decide what to sing. I'm still not very fond of Boys & girls even after hearing it live, although the entire audience singing Sorrows to the lyrics on the screen was quite an experience. I do wish she shakes things up, cuz I might try to see her again while I'm still in Asia, but a trip to Japan is still quite a big deal. I do hope she filters it a bit. As much as everybody loves No way to say, it was quite sad and cringy to hear those vocals at the CDL.

I still think the no photo policy is dumb. Most fans are just trying to snap a souvenir to remember the show by. Everybody knows there are better and prettier official photos of Ayu online, and they're not trying to compete with those photos. They just want to remember it from their seating view, an experience that's personal. Why else would people pay so much to see Ayu in person from across the hall, instead of just buying the DVD release? I'll respect Japan's laws and culture, but oh come on.

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