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How to get concert tickets?

Hi. I'm a huge Ayumi fan who will be taking a trip to Japan in April - I'll be staying at a military base there in Iwakuni. While I am there I would love, love, love(times infinity^_^) to see Ayumi's '05 Arena Tour and I figure if I want to get tickets - let alone good seats - I better do so now. The date I am most interested in seeing is April 9th, 2005: Hiroshima Green Arena, since that is the closest one to Iwakuni.....but really I'll take whatever date I can get.

The problem is, I have no idea how to get tickets. I've looked all over Ayu's official site and Team Ayu, but can't read anything. I would really like to sign up for Team Ayu as well if anyone knows how to do that.

Could someone please help me that has signed up for Team Ayu and also knows how to obtain the concert tickets. I would be forever grateful. You can also send me a PM or e-mail if you would rather do that.

I hope someone can help!
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