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Originally Posted by Biscuit
You can't sign up for Team Ayu unless you live in Japan. If you know someone in Japan who could sign up for you, you might try that. Otherwise, international addresses are not welcome.
Hmm. I finally found an online translator and got it to translate the Team Ayu page. Here is what it says about Overseas admissions:

"In regard from to the admission to of overseas Team Ayu, payment ofyear fee and the like with postal transfer being possible, to youlimit the method which can receive the mails in the country. Becausewe do not handle the overseas dispatch of the mails, acknowledgementyou ask beforehand."

Now, what the heck does that mean? lol I can't figure it out. It kind of sounds like yes, you can join from overseas but only if you ask beforehand?

Here is another more simplified version I found on the site:

"In regard register from to the overseas, payment with postal transferbeing possible, to you limit the method which can receive the mails inthe country."

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