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Originally Posted by AyuCanada View Post
Forgive me but i really don't remember what was that concert. Also, 2018 was the year of Power of music 20th anniversary, her vocals were pretty good on that one too, the osaka live was great and the fukuoka concert i went was good too.
I agree. 2018 vocals were better than previous years. Not perfect, but much better. Both shows I went to in 2018 (jtb 3 - Okinawa & PoM 2018 - Fukuoka) she sounded pretty good. Her voice was kinda of hoarse at all the shows I saw, but her pitch was much better than usual. She sounded much better in Fukuoka (or at least I remember her sounding pretty good but arena acoustics and excitement could be masking things) than the Osaka show that someone recorded and posted here, but they managed to clean up her vocals for the broadcast, so it sounds fine. Her squeaky/cutesy speaking voice kind of bothers me though...

I wonder if we saw each other in Fukuoka without knowing...would've been fun to have a meet up.

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