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After watch her 24th anniv show, which i won't comment anymore on her voice and lack of live band, but i must say: i really love the current ayu!

Her recent live really catched the reason why we all love PCDL: something new, something old, something hit, and something rare!

Her 24th anniv show this time is similar to PoA3 or BEST of CDL, but with the feel of PCDL too. I enjoy the show so much because she did it with style and in more mature way.

And for the best moment, i would say is "SCAR" performance. The way she recreate with similar hat from PCDL/NL tour, with PCDL similar music arrangement, is like a bold statement from her: PCDL is also one of my best!

The 2nd best moment i would say is "(don't) Leave me alone". The performance is simple, but if you notice, the dress she wear, the dance move, and the dancer's dress, the whole thing she want to do is to recreate the song's PV scene, with the style she did it in asia tour 08.

I love "Party queen" and "poker face" performance too. I love the way she did nothing much, but sing/stand/pose/walk like a fashion queen.

And her 24th anniv show used almost half of tracks from her debut album (7 out of 16), i think the use of "Present" is smart. The piano music box version, matched with her past live clips, is haunted.

One of the highlight from the show, for me, is when the vocalist and dancers wear the official t-shirt from her past tour/cdl/special live during the encore. My eyes keep counting them!

The only complaint for me abt the show is, "from your letter" should be a standalone performance. Mixing in between "too late" and "Hana" is useless.

After all, i must say, the release of her 24th anniv show dvd together with CDL 21/22 is really good. It can show nowadays she really manage to put on different show even on the same stage!
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