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I hate OS/HK etc versions of CD's ~_~ I wish I had always bought the Japan versions instead of falling for a slightly cheaper price for a CD V_V...

-The cases are cheaper - they crack/scratch easier
-Paper is cheaply printed - marks easily
-Sometimes (Rarely) CD or DVD will have errors (I had an error with my CD & DVD of A BEST 2 -WHITE-)

Japan versions are awesome! I'll be buying them from now on!! ^_^


Ai am BEST - Otsuka Ai

The Japan version comes:
-in a red plastic box with "(kanji AI) AM BEST" pressed into it
-COOLIFIED "AI" stamp or pencil / other random gift

My friend who got the HK version only got the CD+DVD in the case ... no red box, no stamp ... no extras. Japan Version = BETTER EXTRAS!!


SOMETIMES the HK version is better ... they come with exclusive postcards and they're not as "limited" as Japan versions are ... The HK version of Koda Kumi's "BEST ~second session~ CD+2DVD" is still available after 1 year ... the Japan version quickly sold out ...


*long post* >_>
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