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Exactly! The BoA contest was REALLY hard, and really fun... the PV screencaps all had a photoshop filter or two applied to them so even if you knew the PV you might have a hard time IDing it. It was REALLY cool.

And there was one tori amos fansite game back in the day... well two that were really interesting. One was one called the tori Puzzle Box, where tons of items that were references to Tori song titles were in a box, and you had to guess the song reference. For example, a paper envelope with a tornado on it labeled "just add water", which also had a photo of actress Tallulah Bankhead on it. That was "Talula (the tornado mix)", get it? XD

The other one was a sound clip game - every week there were three tiny TINY (like one or two notes) clips of tori's songs and people would guess what the songs were. It was challenging, but if you really knew the songs well it was totally doable! But only one or two people would get all three of them right each week, so it was certainly a challenge. I got them all right 3 or 4 times. But if AHS had a similar setup, with like clips of 10 to 30 songs, it could really be challenging and fun.


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