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Originally Posted by Ranma Matsuri View Post
Oh that's right, the AHS awards thread(s) are yours lol. Neat. I'm honestly considering going through with it now.

lilchan's comment gave me an idea too, if there were a Drawing Contest I think separate categories would be needed. One for portrait, manga/anime, and a straight freestyle... all traditional and all the artists would be able to enter one or all of the categories if they wanted. The only obstacle though is not only how many would be willing to participate but how many are actually able to when it's all said and done. Before going through the trouble of creating rules/graphics/deadlines/etc. I wanna know if we'll have a decent competition first. I think we'll need at least 10-15 participants to make this work... or it can just be me, you, and Captain K in a 'vicious' three-way showdown (which I'm actually OK with) LOL.
I'd be more than happy to help, I'm pretty good at organising now. It's pretty simple once you've got the basic rules. (: And I'm sure if you made a thread in the Graphics area (or Chatroom, either which) asking how many would be interested, like I did with the AHS Awards, it'd both tell you how many would enter and also advertise it for votes But I'd do in like November/December, when the other competitions have ended