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Her voice sounds different in all five songs.

We are the QUEENS - I like this song. I enjoy her typical gaming/anime songs. I always love hearing her darker voice.

aeternal - The "drum" sounds sooo cheap. I actually like how raw her voice sounds here.

WORDS - I don't feel anything special for this song, but I enjoy her soft vocals.

W - I usually love rock songs, but I don't think this one will be a favourite.

The way I am - I like the chorus, but I can't stand her voice in this song. She tried too much to sound cute. I really hope she won't use her cutesy/chipmunk voice when singing this live during the tour. She sang this with her regular voice at the LINE/Instagram live session though.

There's no song I dislike, but there's no song I really love. I think this is the first time I've listened through an Ayu album without feeling anything special...

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