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I get the concept, and I like it. I just wish she had fleshed it out a bit more with at least one Pv. But sometimes I wonder what kind of budget she is using when they used relatively very cheap methods to promote the album at first. I'm surprised we got a decent cm, and then that itself caused controversy in not the way I think it was intended. I don't really get what avex is doing either since max supposedly was doing something. The way they handle their artists is very telling more and more over the years and ayu is no exception really.

Even though I musically think this mini is better than sixxxxxx and not too far away from Five, for me, those aren't the highest standards anyway. To be fair, my standards for ayu are very high and I do love 4 of the album songs. I just feel like I could enjoy them so much more and have them be on par with past music if the parts that were suffering (like chorus in W, vocals in Šternal) were improved.

I would kind of like to know what's on her mind outside of song lyrics honestly.

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