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Originally Posted by love in music View Post
I'm honestly curious though, why did you cry? What is it that's so sad about her having a release you dislike? I've actually seen 2 forum members mention seriously crying over not liking a release and I just don't understand. I've absolutely hated tons of her songs and music videos and been embarrassed of things she's done but I've never cried over it. There are so many more important things in the world to cry over. I think there's something deeper going on here and it has to be more than just crying over a bad release..
First of all, as a POC in America, with people from my family’s homeland in cages, absolutely, there are truly worse things, and it actually ties in to that exactly. I’m offended that the same human being who delivered the album I am... could stoop to such a release. (I realize she’s not an American, but 1. The Ayu we know is a global citizen. And this doesn’t even have to do with the example above that hits home personally, but 2. Shit is bad everywhere. Terrorism is imminent in every metropolis every moment.) My problem with the release has been iterated much better by other people... But blaming her “team”? We know who’s boss. Ayu is that bitch. She has control, her fight well documented.

Where is her weltschmerz? Hidden.
Then, where is the quality? Many here say it’s an opinion, fine, but there it is. Let the production do the talking.

She is disconnected and as a fan for a decade, I feel she is so far away now, for the first time. Ayu doesn’t have to be a philanthropist but I don’t think she loves her fans.
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