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Originally Posted by Larisa-chan View Post
Peco and Princess (but ESPECIALLY Peco) were absolutely a negative influence on Ayu's vocals. (As was keiko from GLOBE around the I am... period, in my opinion, but that's another story...). They sounded like over-dramatic wailing banshees and Peco was a real stage-hog. Also Peco looked like someone who never made it huge as a soloist in the music industry and it was like Ayu gave Peco her time to shine when she hit her 50s... (actually I have no idea how old Peco is, but she looked pretty haggard). I'm reading that Peco was a soloist at one point.... but was she ever a big deal? o.o
She was. I also believed she left the troupe so she could dedicate her self to her own career. Yeah

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