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There are several videos of ayu performing live before her debut. She performed on TV from 1994 to 1995. Almost all these performances are from Idol On Stage (at least that's how the show is called in descriptions).

Personally, I think she sounded much better there than during her early avex days and I think ASFXX would be a lot more enjoyable (vocal wise), had she used her actual voice.

I've made a playlist with all her early performances & when they took place, if anyone would like to check them out:

One performance was part of "TK Music Clamp" and iirc, TK is the one playing bass and doing background vocals. At least that's what I read but don't quote me on that.

Also, here is a non-romanized list of all the songs and their original artists:
「ハートは戻らない」 by 早見優

「六本木心中 」 by アン・ルイス (Ann Lewis)

「今夜だけDance・Dance ・Dance」 by 中原 めいこ


「ハートで勝負 !」 by 石野真子

「MOON」 by レベッカ(REBECCA)

「水色の恋」 by 天地真理

「JINGI・愛してもらいます」 by 中山 美穂

「Hold On Me」 by 小比類巻かほる

「ストレンジャーtonight」 by 荻野目 洋子

Correct me if there are any mistakes.

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