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Originally Posted by Mai82Go View Post
I'm not sure about album sales, but I doubt that they are on the bad selling spectrum when you look at Johnnys sales. Album sales are never that good for them, the album lacks Akanishi (Who brings probably half of their fan-base) and of course sales in general have taken an all new low point this year. They will never reach Arashis sales that's true, but for all other Johnny's bands they are not that bad.

Kinki Kids sold 170.000 of their J-Album last year.
V6 sold 80.000 with their Ready? album this year.
How much will HSJ sell next month? I doubt they will sell much better than KAT-TUN and if they will it'll be because it is their debut album.
NEWS and Arashi released their last original album 2 years ago as did SMAP so these sales cannot be compared. (And Arashi are another level altogether anyway)
Kanjani8's last album was also released last year when sales were better.

I don't think they are doing bad. I'm actually happy that KAT-TUN release so many albums compared to other Johnnys. More KAT-TUN music for us (and I prefer KAT-TUN music over any other Johnnys group)
I guess you're right. Though you can be certain Arashi will sell more, considering the fact that they're simple at a whole different level. By the way, J Album sold 170k in its first week, it reached 210 in total ^^.

I guess my point was that their sales seem to be dropping the fastest of all their acts. Kinki Kids have had slowly diminishing sales over the past few years, same for SMAP, same for V6, same for tokio. I guess I was just kinda shocked by how much of a phenomenon they were back in 2005/2006 and that right now they're "just" very succesful.

Sorry if that sounded stupid XD. Go KAT-TUN!