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If we have a CDL this year I imagine it'll be online. Maybe a chance to prerecord over 1-2 days to allow sufficient breaks? She'll be ready to pop come year end lol

Thinking about Timmy, I didn't know he had disappeared til the night of since I don't really check anyone's social media much the last few months. I do remember that he was doing an IG Q&A a while back and commented that the mastering of some concerts wasn't that great? He's entitled to say it since it's his creative work as well but is it a possibility that it caused a problem?

Ayu is strong-willed but I don't think she would just yeet her bff of the last 9 years because he has an opinion on the work people are paid to do for her (which is to make her look and sound the best possible way).

I'm hoping that maybe he had a chance to repatriate to the UK and took off to see his family or something and deactivated to avoid speculation. If it's an innocent reason I hope he's safe and well.

Anyway the concert is still a buzz in my mind, it was an amazing setlist but funny that it was the "last Trouble" with no tracks from TROUBLE included....

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You know, I was feeling so alone and disconnected this week but this live and chatting with everyone on discord has made me feel really connected again. I'm watching Hwangs live stream now so I can talk to people more about this live haha.
100% the same!! I heard the term "Corona Blues" the other day watching one of BM's Tabata Workout videos (and not participating ) but I realised that it's all kind of caught up with me. Aside from a once-weekly work chat for 30 mins the only other people I see are my husband and my cat. And of them, only one is a person (debatable if you ask the cat though lol).

Having new content to watch and spazz about in real time was really fun!

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