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Originally Posted by _dandy_ View Post
As someone abroad who can't see those live broadcasts and have to rely on those who record and then post them...it got me thinking.

It's kinda sad that Ayu's label is not putting out those concerts for purchase on disc anymore--I currently own them all and would be more than happy to keep buying them. After I've finally caught up a few years ago with everything she had put out...I'm finding I still have this itch I have to scratch. In other words, Avex, please take my money.

If someone's willing to put up the money to edit these recordings for a one-time rebroadcast - why not put up the money to produce the discs? I can't honestly claim to know how they make the money back when they edit a concert for rebroadcasting back once. Is it even worth it? From my perspective this is where the costly hard work is - so that's already done. Is there really so little return for a physical package that it's not worth taking the final step and putting it on disc, producing a box, marketing and distributing it?

Maybe Avex wants quality rather than quantity and can no longer justify making the elaborate releases they used to have, or promote them as much. Surely they can still put *something* out at a lower cost. Just thinking out loud.

Originally Posted by mi|kshake View Post
Took the words right out of my mouth! (But put it better than I could!)
I agree. If Wowow and Avex are already spending the money for them to melodyne/autotune her and to edit the video, why not put them to DVD if they're good enough quality to broadcast? They COuld definitely make money back from creating the packaging and they probably won't do much advertising (have they done much advertising since mid 2000's?) I would definitely buy Power of A^3, I really enjoyed it, even with her vocals not being that great. But it could be the packaging/promotion costs or licensing from Wowow maybe?

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