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I've watched the concert until Song 4 U because I was in a hurry but I'll probably finish it tommorow.
01.GREEN - hands down, my favourite performance of the night and one of my favourites overall. My eyes were blessed by the multitude of things happening in the background while ayu was singing. Her vocals were really good too, which was a nice surprise. The new arrangement is beautiful!
02.WARNING - vocals were so-so (good in some parts, ok in others); I appreciate the touch of traditional sound, it takes the song to another level.
03.UNITE! - vocals are ok, but bad in some parts which was to be expected. I expected worse to be honest. Again, hints of traditional japanese, yay! It actually makes the song listenable.
04.STEP you - that break dance!! lol at that huge costume. Like some other member said, ayu definitely has humour.
05.Fly high - props to rock bridge!
06.Ladies Night - nothing unusual, ok overall
*Marionette ~Prelude~ - nice that she decided to use this interlude again. Works great with the humans like doll / air tricks story
07.Marionette - my second favourite performance of the night! Man, ayu really worked hard for this, and even her vocals are stable which was a bit of a shock for me since I don't recall a great past performance of this song. Great visuals once again!
*the Nuit interlude - Love how she uses so many elements into her concerts like : music, circus, theatre etc. The shadow dancing was memorable and enjoyable
08.appears ~ Missing ~ CAROLS ~ Dearest - Missing is a standout, and overall her vocals are clear. But I dislike the overreacting lol
09.Winter Diary - cool snowy effect. I don't know, but I didn't enjoyed this performance as much as I thought I would. Still, vocals were pretty good.
10.Summer Diary - simple performance, nothing memorable but ok
11.Ivy - She finally performed this!!! I'm glad that she used that beautiful kimono for this song too! But I'm also disappointed that the instrumental was identical to the CD track.
12.Born to Be - ok performance. 2016 though!!!!

Overall, I'm really satisfied with the main show. The encore is kinda plain, looking at the setlist.
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