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^about that there's an update ^^

update 2/02

* Hatix has received an e-mail from an australian girl who says that she would be able to translate everything to japanese for the subtitles, so well I still doesn't have a comfirmation about this but it seems that finnaly we will have japanese subs!! STILL send the english text with your clip!!! That girl will translate fron you english texts!

YAY!! 101 members participating!! (like the dalmatas XDDD)

Originally Posted by tokyoxjapanxfan View Post

*edit, is it ok for my roommate and I to make a video together?
well, if you do separate clips, I think it's better, you know, 1 clip - 1 fan, but well i don't think it will be a problem to do 1 clip for 2 fans ^^ Do as you want yeah ^^

Originally Posted by majrakun View Post

And I agree wholeheartedly on the lipdubbing for Who... Or even better, all of us actually singing it, and then we compile all the voices together, make us sound like a chorus, the way the audience does in the concerts when they sing poker face to her <3 To make it easy, maybe we could like, let the instrumental play, and then all of us would appear for the final chorus or something...

For the lipdubbing, I was imagining all the tiny videos compiled on one screen, from all the different countries in the world singing Who... together. *sigh* That would be amazing. Thinking about this is making me cry already, haha. I definitely hope this project would be a success!
wow, I think it would make ayu cry T____T there's a lot of idea.. lipping the song, singing ourselves, alone, alltogether... pff... I think i like the idea of a lot of small window with everyone's face singing together who... and keep changing.. I don't knwo how many people would want to do the who... thing but if we are a lot it's imposible to make 5 words per person cause we would need a 30 minute long song XDD

Originally Posted by nanakopy87 View Post
do you mind if i copy and paste the infos to my blog?i want to ask some of the ayu fans frm my country to join
i'll ask them to send to me and then i'll forward all to hatix
yea! copy everything!! ^^ it's ok

How to join Team Ayu! ~

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