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Originally Posted by njanjayrp View Post
It is only when Peco and Princess joined that ayu’s voice started getting worse, which was especially obvious in certain TV lives where the two had more prominent roles (is this LOVE?). I always thought ayu’s own recording would sound way better as I bg vocal than all these people who simply do not complement her. I kind of blame Peco for influencing ayu’s singing technique as well in a way that simply does not work for her.
Peco and Princess (but ESPECIALLY Peco) were absolutely a negative influence on Ayu's vocals. (As was keiko from GLOBE around the I am... period, in my opinion, but that's another story...). They sounded like over-dramatic wailing banshees and Peco was a real stage-hog. Also Peco looked like someone who never made it huge as a soloist in the music industry and it was like Ayu gave Peco her time to shine when she hit her 50s... (actually I have no idea how old Peco is, but she looked pretty haggard). I'm reading that Peco was a soloist at one point.... but was she ever a big deal? o.o