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Originally Posted by jean-baptiste View Post
I wouldn't say that you're putting words in my mouth, but I think you're taking my post in particular out of context. I think what you're trying to imply is that ayu has more creative control than we're giving her credit for, correct?

Although I do agree that ayu is the main creative force behind her work, when it comes to vocals ayu isn't trained or necessarily an expert in this area (not knocking her, more power to her for achieving what she did how she did) so it's fairly safe to assume she has assistance when overseeing vocal pedagogy.
Any professional singer that has any ounce of responsability will have assistance when overseeing vocal pedagogy. That doesn't mean they have no prior idea of how they want to sound while performing.

People are just making excuses to justify hating on performers they don't know anything about besides the fact they perform with Ayu.


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