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So I just watched it, and I'm sorry, this was maybe one of her most boring concerts yet. Her vocals were flawless and it was all really great, but I just didn't feel it. The whole orchestral theme didn't do anything for me either.

There were a few good things though.

A Song is Born was way better than I could've expected, she did that really well. Nothing special, but she nailed the vocals. I was even very positive with Timmy in Brillante, his performance was amazing and it really added a lot to the whole thing.

And when they went back to forgiveness at the end, I was close to being in tears, it was so beautiful and such a great end to the show. And that was quite the accomplishment, since I think that song in general is one of the most boring she's ever made But she added much more power to it in this show, than the original track has.

But basically everything in between was just 'meh'. As we know that she'll be downsizing, I hope her next tour will be more in the spirit of Chapter 3, that was absolutely amazing.

Edit: Oh, and also, ever free <3 <3 <3

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