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Fans are simply expressing their disappointment and saying what they would prefer Ayu to do instead and also that they would really appreciate it if Ayu would express her plans for the present and future of her career. It's fine that Ayu has chosen to tour again if that is what she wants to do. But that's her. Not everyone is going to agree or like it. I will say that Ayu shouldn't be called lazy. She actually has been working really hard these last few years. I think Koumori and XFER explained things rationally and maturely.
There really is no point in arguing over it. It's just Ayu's defense squad out in full force because she is receiving some criticism for deciding to tour again, an idea that was already unpopular among fans before she even made the decision. So now they are grasping at straws, shaming others and throwing accusations of entitlement around. Which is ridiculous.