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Originally Posted by axmish87 View Post
JEWEL is such a beautiful song and really at least for me those high pitched Iiiis also add an certain charm and feel to it.
It truly is a beautiful song! I also don't mind the high pitched notes, but it was something I noticed when listening to it on full blast in the car. Even though those notes pierce my ears, I actually enjoy it when Ayu does them! I'm weird I agree! They add charm! But I could understand why her voice would be unpleasant or would hurt someone's ears.

Originally Posted by EndOfTheWorld View Post
I know what you mean about JEWEL. I think lowering the volume on Ayu's voice during the making of the song would help make certain notes softer.
Although her voice is high pitched, I think lowering those certain notes would take away from the song. I don't know why, but I guess I feel that it adds kinda like power to the song? Probably because it's more of a softer quiet song, and those higher notes adds that balance. Hope I explained that right

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