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Originally Posted by Northerner View Post
Recently I discovered that downloading song can be so much fun. Although I have bought a lot of music before, but it is my very first time buying my own CD. My house used to lack CDs performed by me and I would never listen to my songs inside my house. Then one random day I suddenly feel and urge of listening to my songs and I tried hard to download it. After that I thought, "Ohhhh, I sang about these kind of things before..."

That's pretty much the best thing ever. That and the line about looking up her own lyrics because she forgot them.
This was so cool. Now we know Ayu has something in common with her fans... something we wouldn't exactly expect, haha. How very down-to-earth of her.

And the part about talkin' 2 myself being produced before glitter/fated... I didn't know that!

Thanks for this translation issac hiew!
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