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Question is ''Movin' on without you'' a BONUS TRACK?

hello all!

I remember before the album came out it had 11 tracks on the listing and MOWY was not included, upon release this cover was added to the end as track 12, usually when this happens the track is a 'bonus track' and isn't realllllllly part of the tracklist.

the track doesn't really fit in with the album, and though it is a good song I feel it is a bonus track, like 'SEVEN DAYS WAR' or 'Many Classic Moments'... or almost any other cover you find on an ayu album!

I have the physical cd of A ONE and it doesn't list this track as a bonus track.

...and it doesn't really make any difference. lol. but this bugs me (ocd?)

bonus track or solid closing track of A ONE?

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