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Originally Posted by pommy408 View Post
hmm i have a question, if i buy an ayu album in a music store in taiwan...will it be the jp or overseas version?
it depends because stores in Taiwan can either sell their own local press of her albums or they import it over from Japan .

1 big difference's the price . For Japan imports , it's always more expensive .

Alternatively you can check the back of the CD case as to where the CD's being manfactured but a big hint's the price difference .

& OS presses come with translation sheets of ayumi's lyrics from Japanese to Chinese

For my case , the local HMV do import her albums / singles from Japan but only the CD only versions due to region code issues so I have a feeling it will follow suit for Taiwan's case since DVDs produced in S'pore & Taiwan are region code 3 .

For Japan it's region code 2

Originally Posted by che0173 View Post
imo i prefer pretty pony~pretty pony~pretty pony~ versions as they seem more *authentic* to me
but the difference between both is that overseas version (os versions) have distributed to hong kong singapore malaysia taiwan etc at the back of the case if it is an album, or on the obi if it is a single
the lyrics booklet and everything is the same as japanese version
but within the os version there is also a white booklet wif translations of all the songs
pretty much a third or even half price of Japanese versions but with different distributor information at the back or obi and extra translation booklet inside da case.
p.s. the translation is normally in chinese if you're in any of the asian countries...common sense xD
hope this helped
I know that there're people who're willing to splurge more on Japan versions as they're the real McCoy & not to mention it's said that the quality's even better than OS presses

personally I don't see the need to buy the original . Since there're OS presses of ayumi's albums & singles , why bother to pay so much where you can have an OS press at a much much cheaper price ?

then again it all boils down to personal preferences

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