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Originally Posted by Koumori View Post
It's an Ayu forum where people can speak their minds about what they would like, ideally, from one of their favourite artists. I'm honestly over people claiming that it's entitled at this point when there's a lot of members going to pains to describe how they don't want anything but some insight into her creative vision or thoughts on the future, which only shows fan investment

We can all discuss this better and be more understanding. Baiting for more trouble () isn't what the fanbase should be doing right now.
The thing is maybe she currently has nothing to say. Maybe she doesn’t have a vision and has no idea what awaits nor what she would like to do or how to handle her career in the future. She had a mini album released less than a year ago. Let’s give her some time and see what happens. It’s not like she hasn’t released anything in 5 years.

There also might be things she doesn’t feel comfortable sharing with everyone that she might be going through. So I think the entitlement does happen to an extent.

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