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AHS Forum Status

Hello everyone-

I wanted to update you all on the forum. As a lot of you already know, I don't have access to paying for the server, nor do I really have contact with Zef. As far as I'm aware, the server is paid for until October this year, but it's up to him whether he continues paying for it after that and I don't really have the means to reach out consistently to make sure.

I've been trying to back-up a few things, but it all has to be manual and I haven't realistically had the time to do it all. I want to ask for everyone to make sure to save what they find precious from the forum in the next few weeks to make sure they don't lose any old posts or downloads they want.

If anyone wants to repost downloads, old scans, or anything else as a back-up, I can offer this forum I have had hanging around - it has a few things on it already, but unfortunately most of what I've saved is still on my harddrive. Work has been incredibly busy for me and while I've had a few volunteers to help me test the other forum, I want to reach out here in case anyone also wants to take advantage of backing up their data. At the moment, I'm mostly worried about our Downloads forum and the magazine interviews in the Celebrity News area, as well as the TA posts from 2010 - everything prior to that should be backed up, including lyric translations. Also, nothing from the Other Artists forums has been backed up at all.

I'm sorry I don't have better news, and I do hope AHS lasts as it is past this October, but I don't want to take that for granted anymore.

The link for the very very rough back-up is here: https://ahsforum.flarum.cloud/. Any help or ideas for alternatives is very welcome. I'll also be cross-posting this in the downloads forum for visibility.
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