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Hmm, seems it's been a while since I read that tutorial, didn't remember it also said about that one in Ueno. But I can confirm that it is still there and that's the exact location of the one I saw. I didn't look for the one in Shibuya.

About the one in Harajuku: at the entrance there was a cabinent with a lot of ayu tour stuff, so that's probably why the tickets were also displayed there. Hmm, why oh why didn't I buy that big ayupan & nice towel (probably had no time left). Also about other little ayu-stuff in Harajuku (or at least in Takeshite Dori), didn't find much, except for some pictures & pencil boxes. Maybe looked in the wrong places, there seems to be a lot more boy band stuff.

Hehe, you may find it a bit over the top, but when I was almost at Tokyo Dome, I played the concert mp3 of Dome Tour on my mp3-player :p (wish she did another concert there). Made a travel blog with some pictures here
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January 28th 2010: The day everything changed for international Ayu fans. <3

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