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Originally Posted by ayurocks20 View Post
I really want to enter this! I'm in Australia and my exams are craptastically busy at the moment! I won't be able to finish my short film for this until the 27th! PLEASE Can you just extend it a little bit I want to prove to this forum I'm more than just some... random person on AHS that posts obvious Nami Tamaki promotions! (Unintentional that time... Awesome).

Okay, we'll see about extending the deadline.

Originally Posted by Paulingbl View Post
Hey,I am in China,and I have a wonderful video that I made half year before.
I posted it on a video site which can be viewed only inside China.
So does that mean this video is not eligible?What if I delete the online one,and do some editing to the orginal video?I really want to take this contest!THX.
Sorry, but we can't accept an entry that has already been seen online. Please try to make a new video.