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Originally Posted by jean-baptiste View Post
I think your work definitely doesn't go unnoticed! Whether some think you're doing too little or too much, the fact that you're essentially the face of the AHS powers-that-be across the board says a lot about your effort and presence on the forum. Like I mentioned before, I support the trial-run but also wanted to state an opinion that may or may not be an outlier but that I think should be thrown in the mix nonetheless.
Yeah, I have no doubt some people really do think that and it's good to hear it bluntly. If this does turn out to just make people more annoyed or confused about where to post, or it's too much work to keep up, then the idea will be dropped. Since Ayu is between releases (as far as we know-) right now, this might give us a little while to trial it out, see what sticks. I'm not interested in policing people more than I have to, I just want people to feel comfortable posting their thoughts to interested people.
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