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Originally Posted by melissalove View Post
I’m sorry that you seem to be surrounded by such negativity. But it kinda sounds like you’re projecting. You stated “ and about how my own deeply-held values are worthless and I am worthless for holding them”. But you essentially wanting other point of views to be silenced or filtered out which Inevitably makes them worthless. Doesn’t that make you as Complicit as those people you mentioned.
No. The people around me call people who have the beliefs I do all manner of names, they say they find people who believe as I do worthless, and they make fun of us. I'm not projecting, they openly say so.

And I'm not silencing you or saying you shouldn't have the right to speak or that your views are worthless. If that were true, why would I be reading what you say and trying to explain myself? I'm saying I look for positivity in my leisure time because that's what helps me relax and heal and face the next day, and so I'm not going to go places that depress me when I'm trying to have fun. I also turn off the TV when something is on that I don't like for any reason, which doesn't stop anyone else from watching.

You say, "we can enter in adult conversations that leads to cohesive views and interesting dialogue." If a dialogue is interesting to you, then you're enjoying it, and you and I both will enter a dialogue we enjoy. But are you say that if you aren't enjoying a dialogue, that if it's not interesting to you, you will stay involved anyway? If so, why? And what do you gain by doing that?

Our views won't be cohesive however much we talk if you say, "This song sucks," and I say, "I love this song!" We can talk about why, but our views aren't going to change. They're both valid views based on what we personally enjoy, so the only reason to talk about it is if you find it fun to talk about it. If you do, then by all means have fun, you should be enjoying yourself! Your views are valid and if that's how you have fun with them, there are many others that enjoy it too and you can find them here. I hope you do.

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