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Originally Posted by SunshineSlayer View Post
Ok, I had my bf (native japanese speaker) take a look at the With Ayu bbs and translate some things for me. I could tell they were arguing, but my level isn't good enough to understand the very specifics of it. Here is what he said is going on: After the show, several people were complaining (like here) that it was too much of the same again. Some feel that this show is only a prototype or alpha version and that the "real" show isn't going to come around until October. Many people are voicing their dissatisfaction saying why should they have to pay for something that isn't finished? A few people are saying 'just don't go to the show then' and what not. Then others saying that even though they are Team Ayu members (this is a hard core Ayu fan board in Japan), being a fan is not just supporting no matter what. Lots of back and forth and some very rude according to him. I've read a few good opinions of the show, but most have been pretty "blah" about it and don't have much desire to see it again.
Well I guess this is good in a way...honestly I really hope ayu knows about the complaining and hopefully change some things around and put more effort into her future tours like her previous tours. It makes me unhappy to read and write negative comments about this tour that I've been anticipating since pcdl...but this tour is a big letdown. ...the costumes are the biggest problem for me. Please please change all the costumes expect for the red cheerleader and the military one!!

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