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I feel like the music in the album is soooo driven. Im not sure how to put it but every song's arrangement and music is really very thorough and packed. There's not really a very quiet and slowpaced moment. Every song has the BAMBAMBAM factor. BUT one thing about it is that...its so apparent the difference in her quality of her voice when it switches from Šternal to WORDS. The difference in smoothness and easy-singing is obvious to me (what Zeke mentioned).

I think her marketing worked. Those teasers on Spotify. Ultimately all led to this moment that, you are already familiar with the song, pieces of it and the final product is something not too out of your comfort zone. it's familiar and somehow reassuring to me. I mean of course, that is provided people actually replayed those teasers (which I hope they can take down from all her online disco NOW)


01. We are the QUEENS - felt new to me because I completely havent listened to it for the past 1.5 years. It's still refreshing but very game music of course. Still has a gimmicky factor but in another light, quite empowering.

02. Šternal - I was soooo scared about that vocal track she went with but she still went with it. The mixing makes her voice not so jarring especially when it turns emotional. In the latter half, she sounds really strong though, but still maintaining an emotional quality and that is what I love about her voice (at least in studio tracks). She doesnt have to FORCE it, she just HAS that quality in her vocals (for example in WORDS. She sounds emotional but she doesnt force it through the way she sings). I also forgot there was a bridge in this piece so it was great to hear it and I really do feel her passion when she sings here. Musically, I love the song. Someone compared it to NOW & 4EVA, beatwise and basswise, I can hear it but I do love this bittersweet summer midtempo track a lot.

03. WORDS - LOVE and still LOVE.

04. W - Wow What.The.Heck. Does W stand for WOW?! This is some really hard guitar and rock sound which I havent really heard from her. It totally deserves a PV omg. I can imagine this being the rockier twisted version of Ladies Night somehow. Musically, it reminds me of 1 LOVE. Verse super rich but Chorus less melodious. But wait, I mean, I wish it was more...creative? and LONGER? the chorus felt like it was going to places but it cut short. I totally love the speed of it. And the music during that bridge and how it led into the chorus after? BRILLIANT.

05. The way I am - Love this too. I actually already know the lyrics from listening just from the LINE Live and that fanrecorded version in PoM final LOL. It's so heartfelt and moving. She sounds so genuine and the way she sings gives me so much positive vibes along with the music (despite its typical arrangement but whatever, its classic)

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