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This was a great CDL! Very energetic! Even if she couldn‘t hit the high notes, her vocals were pretty good...
WARNING was Routine but the best Performance of it since AT'15. W was a real hot performance. I loved it from beginning to the end. Also Lady Dynamite and 1 LOVE were great. 1 LOVE had the same choreography as it’s performance from Cirque de Minuit but other visuals on the backscreen which I liked a lot!
No way to say started great until chorus. It was a pain listen to her while she tries to get the high notes. Together When... was okay.
I really love Lelio and XOXO, but this performance was rather boring and I thought it's bad to not Show the screen from the Smartphone as they did during the tour.
We are the QUEENS, Survivor and Startin‘ were my highlight vocal-wise. She was perfect and on fire. I really love the combination of the three songs! And than, there was UNITE!, which was horrible to listen to. I mean, I really love that Song (I’m really happy she brang that track back with TA Tour 2015), but she just couldn’t get the high notes anymore with her current voice. I was surprised that she was doing the „lalala“ Intro for evolution.
And I also was surprised she didn’t put UNITE! + evolution right after talkin‘ 2 myself. I personally think that this would‘ve been a great flow and talkin‘ 2 myself would also fit perfectly after Startin‘.
IMO Love Song was the worst performance of that show. The Acapella Intro felt rushed and emotionless. The whole performance was overdramatized. But there wasn‘t that „love 2 u, love 2 u“ part, which was a really small plus for me...
I don’t like that cuteness voice during Days and it's performance. Maybe, I’m just still mad that she axed YOU for it...
I can‘t stand ANother song. A shame that Feel the love~Merry-go-round was axed for this. Also something strange happened to UN‘s Voice during Dream ON... i think the filter on his voice was a weird/bad choice...
Am I wrong, or did they lowered the key of The Show Must Go On? If that’s the point, it was a gerat decision. They should‘ve done this also for UNITE!.

I liked the most of her outfits. I think my favorite is that school-girl dress during WARNING and W. Also that, what she was wearing under it for Lady Dynamite.
I hate that Gucci Outfit for the encore… And am I the only one who thinks that she got some botox right before the show? Her facial expressions were sometimes out of place and she looked like she was in pain.

+ and - LIST:

+ W
+ Lady Dynamite
+ We are the QUEENS
+ Survivor
+ Startin‘

- No way to say
- Love Song
- Days
- ANother song (for personal reasons)

concerts i've attended:
「ayumi hamasaki ARENA TOUR 2018 ~POWER of MUSIC 20th Anniversary~」2018.04.07
「ayumi hamasaki ARENA TOUR 2018 ~POWER of MUSIC 20th Anniversary~」2018.04.08

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