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The whole Ayu x Koda discussion is so 2005...

Anyways, I always find the whole "Ayu isn't professional cuz she isn't letting us now what to expect/releasing this or that/trying to please the fans" weird and a little ridiculous. There isn't anything unprofessional about not releasing a PV or a full album just because some entitled people feels like your job is the musical analogue to pizza delivery, on the same way this is literally the only fandom I ever saw that believes the artist owes them a schedulle.

Some stuff Ayu did over the years can be considered unprofessional, like missing a tv show due to bad travel planning, but not something like drinking water between songs on a concert or not relasing a PV like I saw people complaining before. Trying out new aesthetics isn't unprofessional either the most some people dislike the fibal result.


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