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Originally Posted by Chibinina4 View Post
I posted this before in another thread so I guess I'll post it again. The overseas versions are normally identical to the Japan versions except they contain an extra pamphlet with the Chinese translation (or transliterations -- not sure exactly) of all the songs. If it's an overseas VCD, it will have Chinese subtitles at the bottom with an extra pamphlet again with the Chinese translations (or transliterations) of songs. The packaging is also a little different. For example, the spines of overseas Ayu CDs will have the Chinese spelling of her name and the romanized version of her name while the Japan version only has the Japanese spelling (with the kanji and hiragana). The only major differences I've seen in overseas and Japan package designs are for other artists, but for the most part the overseas and Japan versions are identical. The music is the same, the booklets are usually the same, but there might be very minute packaging differences. Here's how YesAsia describes the differences:

"An original (in this case, Japan) version refers to a product that is imported from the country it was produced and released. Therefore the price is slightly higher than the overseas version.

An overseas version refers to a product that is released by a licensed local record label and therefore the price is more competitive to the local market. Other than the price difference, the overseas version may also include some slight changes, such as, the translation of the booklet into local language, different packaging and printing, or the inclusion of additional bonus tracks."
Thanks... i've been wondering what's so different about the packaging...


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