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Originally Posted by isthisLOL? View Post
Another thing: why is looking trashy, ****ty or like a pornstar such a negative thing? It's just another way of embracing your sexuality, not accepted by mainstream society but there is no logical reason against being "****ty".

The thing I don't like is the "13th album" thing.
Mainly because of this.

Also, Ayu haven't been that tacky ever before. Sexy yes. Not tacky. Not even the Queen of ****tiness (who I love btw) Kuu have ever done such bad covers before. Not EVER.

It's not just the whole Ayu-in-heals-on-a-freaking-mirror-in-doggy-style-position-waiting-to-be-taken... It's the whole composition. The placing of the leopard print, the placing of the text (makes it rather hard to read), the flash in the mirror that makes it look like someone took that picture with a mobile phone... It's the whole damn thing that makes it tack tack tacky.

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