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Originally Posted by November4 View Post

I love those kind of covers when they work (MOON, Love songs, Hello new me) but when it just seems like being peach for the sake of being pretty it's meh... There's 0 artistic input, they're just pretty pictures. Which is sad because a few years ago Ayu was my artistic muse with PVs like Marionette, Mirrorcle World, Sparkle, etc. :/

Since Love songs (though I love that album) she's not visually artistic at all. There's no concept, no strong theme. The only interesting thing she's done in recent years is the snow falling when she's standing in front of the painting in Sweet scar and Return road...

I think the past few years have been Ayu's idea of taking a break.. basically, just doing some basic routine and probably saving her best ideas when she has enough compiled for a new album and era when she's ready.

I mean, she does her usual tour, nothing too spectacular and the videos have been low budget for a while so I assume she'll do something huge sometime with her next album.

I LOVE Love songs except now I am listening to all of her older rockish music as ther music so far has been cohesive for me.. except for the new album so I'm getting rather bored ! (except for the new album) heh