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Originally Posted by njanjayrp View Post
^ I can’t believe you actually compared a person to a printer. You own the printer and the company has to service it and produce spare parts for a number of years. Last time I checked ayu has not made any promises she will release an album every year. Plus if I may remind everyone TROUBLE is still less than a year old.
If you want to think I actually compare a person to a printer, then feel free, I was just using another example to show how people react to things, not to actually think Ayu is a thing. And you know that. If I compared Ayu in this case to another artist, it wouldn't work, cause the same kind of emotions would be clouding the judgement of people.

Again, if you want to think I expect Ayu to release things on a timely manner, cause she is a product, feel free, even if you know I didn't mean that particular comparison to be made. Ayu is a person like all of us, and we shouldn't demand her to release new music anytime we want, but it is obvious fans will always want new music, that's why there are fans. Is it that hard to understand that fans want new material to listen? Again, I didn't read any comment in this thread claiming they think Ayu must release new music, and in contrast, they express what they would like, which is not the same as a demand from her.

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