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Originally Posted by sugarbasil View Post
LOL. Yes? Is that not good enough? I mean, people are going to be owning stuff with your logo on it, and everyone all over the forum's going to know of it. This of it like designing a new layout. If you won a layout challenge the prize is that we'd use it.
You are correct!!!!!this is not good enogh! I see your plan!!!You are not so smart.I am going to SLAVEover my computer for hours in photoshop, putting my life on hold, and pouring out my life and SOUL to make perfect entryin a contest (which has 1/100 chance to win!!) and the prize is for YOU to take my hard earned work & use it for ur own advantage for FREE??All I get is a thank U& the feeling of accomplishment???what disrespect!!This is more like stealing!!slavery! It is like being a ghost writer!! except even they get paid!!!take my work, and all i get is a thank you? I'm sorry but I cannot take this disrespect!! i hope some poor soul is DESPERATE enough for the tiny bit of attention they will receve from this contest!!You don't eevn offer me a coffee mug with MY logo on it??

I'm sorry but I am very angry!! this is pathetic!! using your members to do free work for a shop that YOU will earn money off of!!It's a shop!! yuo will earn hundrds of dollar!!a layout contest is completely different!! you do not make money off of a layout!!................You cannot even give me this enough respect to pay back my hard work,something that it would cost a professional atlest 300$!!SO use your members. Wow, I cannot believe this.............

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