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Originally Posted by mizuki-7 View Post
I didn’t mean that her raspy voice was done on purpose as vocal choice I meant that her voice has naturally some raspiness even when she just speaks.
I agree, and perhaps I misunderstood your original comment, but I read it as referring to her singing. She does have a bit of a raspy voice sometimes, but that can result from abused or swollen vocal chords, which can result from constantly singing with bad technique and forcing air through the vocal chords. Not always, but it may be a contributing factor. Constant hoarseness and vocal exhaustion is usually a combo of physical exhaustion and or sickness combined with bad technique. Ayu does still have the ability to sing well, she can still hit notes with some degree of precision and power (not talking being on pitch, just note clarity), and she can do it consistently if she takes it easy with her voice instead of trying to ram air through her chords to hit the notes. Not an easy habit to break, but it’s possible. (I’m not talking about her singing on pitch, that’s probably more a combination of her hearing loss plus bad technique. I’m talking more producing notes that are clear and resonant and have some body to them, not thin/raspy and weak sounding). Sorry if I kind of went in a different direction than what you were talking about, but I’m talking more in terms of her singing voice.

I’m not a dr and definitely not trying to diagnose her, but I’ve experienced a lot of these problems myself, the raspiness, constant hoarseness, constantly screaming to hit notes etc, so I’m just giving possible explanations based on what happened to me and what I was told was the cause and potential solutions.

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