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Originally Posted by thinkingoutloud89 View Post
yeah I know, but I'm not looking for "it sounds like 2003" which I did not say nor "she does sound good for her current condition". She sounds good. but I don't know if I like that tone she uses here and it has nothing to do with either of the mentioned situations.

Overall, at the moment I think the whole thing is just mediocre and people look at it from a weird angle and making more out of it than there is. It's mostly saved by the fact that it is a great song to begin with.

As I said, for me currently it is neither bad nor as good as people make it out to be. That might change tho.

As for "being" fat - Japanese people also said it around BLUE BIRD era and on other occasions - its something I don't understand till today (the whole body-shaming part). A wird trait of Japanese society. As you said - she is 40 and she has every right to look like 40 too.
While you might be right, I think it’s a good thing there’s hype and that people are making it better than it is, as quite frankly we all want things to start happening as not much has been going on in recent years and hopefully this is the beginning of a new chapter whatever it is.

She does sound different and while I am still undecided if I love it or just like it, I think that vocally this is an improvement in terms of her being able to control her voice and not scream through the song.

Also everything about the song is very nicely done including the PV which is very well executed.

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