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Originally Posted by koumori View Post
I have passed away
too good
Same!!! Yíall I feel like I have been on a JOURNEY. From the first time I saw this live performance and watched it on repeat as a 13 year old girl to today, about to turn 32. Itís so awesome we get a recording and video of this! I am just so thankful I still get to enjoy Ayuís magic. Like, she delivered 1000%.

And I feel like because her 10/10 tracks are a bit more rare for me these days, when she does hit it out of the park with visual/production/sound quality and it all comes together like it used to itís all the more magical!

I agree her voice sounds a bit different but I donít dislike it! Itís just a new sound. I mean her voice has been ever changing from the beginning so I just roll with it. 😂
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