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AHS on Social Media

After the downtime of the forum and the request of members, the AHS team have decided to open social media to overcome the lack of communication in such situations in the future.

The staff didn't create this group. However we'll use it to convey news about the forum.

This is the official twitter account run by the moderators.
Note: there are two other AHS twitter accounts : one that is only accessible by the server admin and the other that was created by a member. Only the AHS moderators account'll be updated by us.

This is the official AHS Discord. We created it to use it for the updates about the forum but it's also a place to chat.
You must state your username in the lobby to be given the permissions needed to be able to talk in the other sections of the group.

Edit August 2020: The Discord is now temporarily invite-only. Please DM Koumori or oaristos for an invitation.
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